I want to learn about death and dying and what it means to die Jewishly

Maybe I’m not the only one

Judaism offers us laws, wisdom, and rituals from the moment of death to burial and bereavement. But when death is imminent, how might we die as Jewishly as we live?

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Episode 05: Teach Me Something with Rabbi Jessica Minnen

A few months back, I wrote a blog post exploring the word “onen”, someone who is in a state of deep grief immediately following the death of a loved one, before the burial. After I published the blog I learned that the word had another meaning in modern Hebrew: “someone who masturbates”. This led to…

Episode 04: Al Rosenberg

Al Rosenberg is a great many things including a strategist, a writer, an artist, and a fantastic storyteller. They’re also living with an autoimmune disease that forces them to face their mortality all the time. This episode covers topics from the drama of certain Jewish ritual, what you probably shouldn’t say to someone who is…

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