The English letter B and the Hebrew letter Bet
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The Be.Side Project is a recording of my journey to learn about dying and what rituals, reflections, and wisdom Judaism and Jewish people have to share about the end of life.

The name Be.Side evokes closeness and empathy. To be beside those at the end of their life and to be beside those in our communities who are losing or have lost people close to them.

The B is also meant to mirror “bet, the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet. In Hebrew, “bet“, when used as a prefix, functions as a preposition and means “with”, “at”, or “in”.

There is much mysticism and thought about the letter “bet” and allow me to offer my own. The letter is drawn closed on all sides but one. This open side is an invitation to come inside and sit within an unfamiliar space.

The end of life journey has become an unfamiliar space. Dying used to occur in the home and now overwhelmingly happens in medical facilities.

What if we could take down the wall that prevents us from knowing about the end of life and learn about dying from the experiences of those who are closest to it?

About Me

I’m Sarit and I’ve been interested in talking about dying for a long time.

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I live in NJ with my partner Ari, our daughter Adira, our dog Jax, and far too many kitchen tools. I’m a chef, a host, an avid reader, and a storyteller.

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