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Episode 03: Teach Me Something with Rabbi Lisa Goldstein

I’ve added a second type of podcast to the mix and going forward will intersperse “Teach Me Something” episodes with interviews. Teach Me Something’s will be experts and wise people sharing their knowledge while I absorb, reflect, and ask (sometimes smart and sometimes ridiculous) questions.

Rabbi Lisa Goldstein is a wonderful teacher and during one of our conversations I realized how great it would be for anyone to be able to press play and listen in. We were talking about Honi Hame’agel, Honi the Circlemaker, and I found myself moved by the story, especially learning it during this pandemic. So here it is! Listen in full below (or wherever you like to listen to podcasts) and I’d love to hear what you think.

A photo of Rabbi Lisa Goldstein

About Rabbi Lisa Goldstein:

Lisa is a rabbi, teacher, and facilitator with almost 25 years of executive experience.  For many years she was the director of Hillel of San Diego, creating vibrant, welcoming communities for all kinds of college students. And recently, was the Executive Director of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, a global leader of Jewish mindfulness and spiritual practices. She has taught Jewish mindfulness meditation, prayer, and spiritual practice in various contexts for 20 years. Learn more about Lisa and her work at:

Hebrew and Jewish references explained:

Talmud: A Hebrew word that comes from the root to “study” or “learn”, it is the central Rabbinic text for Jewish law

Psalms: A collection of sacred poetry that are often turned to in times of need or distress. The two that we reference are Psalm 126 and Psalm 90

Birkat Hamazon: Hebrew for blessing (or grace) after the meal

Shtetl: Yiddish for “little town”

Torah: The first five books of the Hebrew bible/scriptures

Honi Hame’agelRead the whole Honi story on

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